Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Worst Eye Pencil/ Urban Decay 24/7

Guys this pen is the WORST eye pencil that I've ever used..
1- 24/7 which means stays long... But it doesnt even stay on my eye half of the day!
2- It is so soft that I have to sharpen it after 2-3
times that i use.
3- It hurst my eyes. At the end of the day my eyes getting red! Which I never had that problem before..
4- Yes I love the color but it is not as pigmented it looks so color doesnt look same on my eyes as it looks.
So yeah that is pretty much it.. Some of youu might love these pencils but for me this is the this worst pencil that I have ever buy and use.. I would feel guilty if I recommend this any of you!

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