Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nail Polishes for Summer!

About a month ago I ordered 8 nail polishes form " " 3-4 days later site closed (now it's open).. It was weird cuz I didn't understand that I ordered or not cuz I didn't get any mail anyway.. I thought I did'nt order anything and stop waiting for my nail polishes.. Any way 1 week ago I got my e-mail and my packet :) yayy so here is my haul.. (Lemme know if you want swatches any specific one) xx...

Left to right,

China Glaze Kaleidoscope Him Out , CG Pink Chiffon , OPI Elephantastic Pink , CG Mom's Chiffon, Orly Butterflies ,Color Club Lazer Pink, CC. Coral Cascade , CC Pink Lust.

CH Mom's Chiffon, CH Pink Chiffon, CH Kaleidoscope Him out, CC Lazer Pink, CC Coral Cascade, CC Pink Lust, Opi Elephantastic Pink, Orly Butterflies.

(without flash)

ohh my babies <3
OPI Elephantastic Pink.
China Glaze Mom's Chiffon and this color is identical.

Orly Butterflies..
Love :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Girls, don't forget to eat fruits, for better skin, and body... and somehow eating fruits makes me happy. Don't you?...( or am I weird? )

Here is a great treat for myself :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

YSL EverLong WaterProof Mascara (1W)

So this week I started to use my mascara. I am pretty satisfied with the quality of this product! If you are looking for mascara which makes your lashes longer, you may like it... Also if it is ok for you to pay almost 30 dolars for mascara!!

+ it smells good!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Shoppa (love meaningless titles)

Here is the story of this haul, I was planning to buy 2 DazzleGlasses than I don't know why but I end up in Sephora!

Allright, first I bought "Smile" and "Extra Amps".. 1 hour later "Extra Amps" returned back..

Few weeks ago I saw these Stila lipsticks but I just didn't buy it... Anyway, I couldnt ressist too much!

Left: Sarah

Right: Thalia

They were $22 each kinda expensive


they are absolutely AMAZIIIIINGGGG!!!

Since I lost my mascara,

( I have no idea how, where, when I lost it, but one day it was not in my drawer)

I was looking for new mascara so I bought YSL EverLong WaterProof in 1W (black)

I didn't open yet so no review, no opinion nothing...

I tried, not extremly satisfied...
If you love The Body Shop's lip butters, you would prob like it..
But me No!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

How about hair-brush?

Hey girls,

Today, I realize that I haven't been clean my hair brush for a long time... I just dont care it too much and I thought that, I might not the only one who is not clean her brushes too often.. So how are we gonna clean them?

- (In the shower ofcourse :), Aply shampoo to your hair like always, and before you rinse it, BRUSH your hair with THE BRUSH you want to clean.. that's it and you can repeat same steps..

- So shampoo is gonna clean your brush.

-It is easy and quick, you don't need to take old teeth brush and clean with it (eventho that might be more helpfull)... And you can do that if you want to :)

If you have another method to clean your brushes share with me/us leave a comment :)... Hope it will be helpfull :) xxx

Saturday, April 11, 2009


1 month later I'll be in Istanbul/Turkey.. Since everything is more expensive there, I'm storing everything (clothes, make-up, shoes) for summer..

And here is my little shopping,

My first MSF from Sugar Sweet Collection,


-I really like this MSF, cuz I dont like too shiny, shimmery things on my skin but this gives you right amount of shimmer that you need :)

So I bought Prescriptives Mineral Foundation in Level 2 Warm Color
- I didn't open and use yet, so hope it will be as good as Bare Minerals.. We will see

I bought my second SEPHORA byO.P.I nail polish
" I'm Wired"
-Lovely coral color! which is our favorite for this summer..

I was looking for sunglasses for awhile and I found nice affordable one,
Ralph Lauren for $110

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My First O.P.I Nail Polish

I was thinking that it is just waste of money to pay $9 or more for nail polish! That's why I never bought o.p.i nail polish! However guess everything changed..


"Arm Candy"

Cutest Barbie color, that we all love...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hair- Wavy PERM

This is the first thing it comes to my mind when someone say PERM..

- 80s most popular hair style. You can remember from old movies or ur mom's old picture :)

But mine is different :)

Here is,
First weeks of my perm..
(I have to buy new sunglasses)


First, second months


After 4-5 months later

- If you get bored of ur straight hair and looking for something new? Wavy Perm is the most usefull, and easiest hair style ever!!!!.

- Best hair for summer cuz in summer I dont like using blow-dryer or hair straightener shortly anything hot!

- Wash, dry with towel, comb it and use mousse to keep volume! ( takes just 5-7 minuntes)

- You can always, straight it!

- When I cut my hair it lost that beutiful shape!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Beauty Rule!

The universal rule when it comes to using makeup is that less is more and layering is better. So blend and pat makeup onto different areas of your skin so the beauty of your skin can show through. When you're trying new things, just try one or two at a time. For instance, stick with neutral colors and buy a more vibrant lipstick or an eye shadow with more sparkle. And go for balance: if you're being dramatic on the eyes, go paler on the lips. ;)


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Philosophy vs Clinique Moisturizers for dry skin!

This year (since I start to live in cold Ny) my skin get extremly dry, it is keep peeling and it makes me feel uncomfortable.. I never used face moisturizer so I didn't know any good one.. So I started with,

Clinique Dramatically moisturizing lotion.
in the back it says "Very Dry to Dry Combination Skin"
(4.2 OZ/ 125 ml )

- def. not even close for dry skin

- very light, liquid combination.

- I will use it again when my skin gets less dry

When I felt I need more, I stopped using it and started to use,

Clinique- Superdefense- triple action moisturizer SPF 25- very dry to dry
(1.7 OZ/50 ml)

-It has thick, combination

- It has mpf and smells good.

- BUT, it doesn't keep my skin moist whole day!

- it was just O.K

So I finshed that and I was going to get the same one cuz I didn't know better one. Hopefully I couldn't find and I asked for help!...... Girls ,I think I find my moisturizer!!!

Philosophy- Hope in a jar- for dry, sensitive skin
(2 OZ/ 56.7 gr)

- I just used today! but my skin immediately felt the difference.

- My skin was soft whole day and didn't peel at all.

- It smells weird. :(

- So far so good, if anyone have any question for more info just tell me...