Friday, April 17, 2009

Shoppa (love meaningless titles)

Here is the story of this haul, I was planning to buy 2 DazzleGlasses than I don't know why but I end up in Sephora!

Allright, first I bought "Smile" and "Extra Amps".. 1 hour later "Extra Amps" returned back..

Few weeks ago I saw these Stila lipsticks but I just didn't buy it... Anyway, I couldnt ressist too much!

Left: Sarah

Right: Thalia

They were $22 each kinda expensive


they are absolutely AMAZIIIIINGGGG!!!

Since I lost my mascara,

( I have no idea how, where, when I lost it, but one day it was not in my drawer)

I was looking for new mascara so I bought YSL EverLong WaterProof in 1W (black)

I didn't open yet so no review, no opinion nothing...

I tried, not extremly satisfied...
If you love The Body Shop's lip butters, you would prob like it..
But me No!

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Tiffany said...

looks like you got some fun stuff! i love those stila lipsticks too.