Saturday, April 11, 2009


1 month later I'll be in Istanbul/Turkey.. Since everything is more expensive there, I'm storing everything (clothes, make-up, shoes) for summer..

And here is my little shopping,

My first MSF from Sugar Sweet Collection,


-I really like this MSF, cuz I dont like too shiny, shimmery things on my skin but this gives you right amount of shimmer that you need :)

So I bought Prescriptives Mineral Foundation in Level 2 Warm Color
- I didn't open and use yet, so hope it will be as good as Bare Minerals.. We will see

I bought my second SEPHORA byO.P.I nail polish
" I'm Wired"
-Lovely coral color! which is our favorite for this summer..

I was looking for sunglasses for awhile and I found nice affordable one,
Ralph Lauren for $110


Anonymous said...

Amazing haul. Those glasses are so chic and classic.
Oh and I love Prescriptives! I think it's a lot better than Bare Minerals.

Dila said...

thank u :).. so im glad that I bought Prescriptives & packaging is so much prettier than bare minerals!

Gabriela said...

Great haul!!!
Love the Prescriptives Mineral Foundation in Level 2 Warm Color, is my colour too!!

bubblegarm said...

great haul - istanbulda mac nerde satiliyor? yada satiliyormu? x

Dila said...

saol :).. İstanbulda MAC, Taksim, Bağdat caddesi, Akmerkez, İstinye Park,ve Capacity (alışveriş merkezlerinde, var buralar sadece benim bildigim belki baska yerlerdede vardır. Ama cok pahalı yani Amerikaya kıyasla.. :)xx

CHOMSIRI said...

i really like the nail polish! thanks for following!