Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hair- Wavy PERM

This is the first thing it comes to my mind when someone say PERM..

- 80s most popular hair style. You can remember from old movies or ur mom's old picture :)

But mine is different :)

Here is,
First weeks of my perm..
(I have to buy new sunglasses)


First, second months


After 4-5 months later

- If you get bored of ur straight hair and looking for something new? Wavy Perm is the most usefull, and easiest hair style ever!!!!.

- Best hair for summer cuz in summer I dont like using blow-dryer or hair straightener shortly anything hot!

- Wash, dry with towel, comb it and use mousse to keep volume! ( takes just 5-7 minuntes)

- You can always, straight it!

- When I cut my hair it lost that beutiful shape!

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