Monday, June 29, 2009

Snog, Marry Avoid? Contest Entry

Please be Prepared, this Post May Cause Nightmares!
this post it is OK to disgust me, or hate me but remember this I'm in a character. Poses! MAKE-UP! Hair! Even the comments that I will write is going to be fake shortly everything u will see has nothing in common with real me! This is Natalia's contest entry. There is a show in the U.K that Called Snog, Marry, Avoid? that is the concept, you should look as bad as possible with wearing lot of make-up! I watched them on Youtube hilarious show so much fun to watch you should def take a look :)

And here is my entry!

YEss, I just don't know what to say. After I finished doing it I feel like one of those girls that I saw in the streets..

Perfect color difference! I love my tan :P

Perfect matching accessories!

I think this is the "best" picture..
This is also my facebook profile picture :P lol

I think I look beautiful this is my everyday look.. (lol just kiddin)

Ohh and blue eyeshadow is my favorite I love wearing all over my lid with thick liner.

what I use;
-Bare minerals, warmth
-Mac, Tippy Blush


-Icing Pallete
-Lizzie Eyeshadow
-Pastel Eyeshadow #39
-Pupa Eye Pencil #02
-Black Liquid Eye Liner
-YSL Everlong Mascara (black)

-Brandless Lip Liner

Part 2

In the show there is second part that girls remove their make-up so that's why I wanted to do it too.. Sorry for the ugly, dirty thing I had to show..

I think this is a perfect idea for a contest.. What do u think? You don't need perfect make-up skills and look perfect and compete with other beautiful girls cuz the point is to look weird and fake as possible.. I had so much fun while I'm doing this and this was weird cuz I Never Never put this much make up, so this contest give me a chance to try it.. It was fun thank you Natalia

Friday, June 26, 2009

Nude Nails

I bought so many colorful nail polishes for this summer and I love them all but guess I just wan something natural for a while and found really cheap nail polishes...

Brand name: Golden Rose / Paris Nail Lacquer
I did not use too much to decide their quality but
They are extremely cheap!!!! ($2)

Left to right , no: 06, no: 30, no:13

Left to right, 13, 30, 06
(sorry I ruined the last one)

What do you think about nude nails? Do you prefer colorfull or natural nails for this summer??

Fly Away Jewelery

Fly Away Jewelery having giveaway! they are so talented and they decided to give cutest necklaces yaay.. For more info and to join their giveaway click HERE... :) tc xx

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I missed Whitz Contest :(

I missed Ms.Whit's contest I really wanted to enter but obviously it was my fault cuz I waited until last day I tought it's going to end on 30th but NO it was on 25th... I missed it for like 3 hours even thought I upload the photos on my computer I did not post on my blog :( anyways... There are 20 lovely entries and you might want help her to choose and vote for your favorite.. Go to her site HERE..

I don't upload the pictures just because I missed it..

Take care.. and schedule everything..xx

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Award for me, Award for you :)

Yaaayy I had my first blog award :) :) I'm so happy Suka & Spice honored me with this lovely award <3.. You should absolutely check her blog cuz she is one of the nicest person also she is so beautiful..

This award is gonna help you to think positive sides of your day which was so meaningful for me cuz this is not the thing that I do often... So you should write down 6 things that made you really happy today.

I had really long day today cuz I had so many things to do and it was so HOTTTT today!!!

1- I found a death small fly/bug on my carpet. I did not even bother to kill him he killed himself I just throw it away.
2-There was no traffic when we were going to our destination which was kinda impossible thing in Istanbul.
3- I ate great, healthy, delicious meal :) which always a good reason to make me happy!
4-I talked with my advisor and I am eligible to get scholarship I don't know what is gonna happen it is not for sure but there is a chance!!!
5- I met with my bf..
6-After really tiring and hot day we turned back with ferry :).. Maybe you can understand my feelings when you look at THIS and THIS photos... ( from google)

And this award goes to....


Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Dress

As some of you know yesterday I went to someone's wedding and I had 2 old dress that I could wear but I didn't wanted to wear anything old.. Since I had perfect reason to shop I bought few things for myself ;).. Here is what I wear yesterday.. What do you think???

I listened lovely Comsiri's advise(she said that I should not wear black to weddings)
and I bought something colorful :)...
%70 percent of the guests were in blacks!! Even bride's mom was weairng black!! Weird!!
Here are some details and close up looks..

This neckless is the only jewelery that I wear...

Which was not so suitable but better than nothing huh?

More pictures from that night!

Me and my cousin
Me and dad!

+ I wear my brwon high heels

What do you think?
Also Happy Fathers Day to everyone =) xxx.. Take Care...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Girl I Need Your Help...

UPDATE: I bought new dress and I will show you later but thank you soooooo much who helped me! u really help me to choose a dress that I will wear tonight love you..Genabee6 and Chomsiri...

Hello Everyone :)
Until 3rd July I have 3 special days that I should go (2 weddings, and 1 graduation)... Tomorrow I'll go one of the first weddings!! Unfortunately I don't have enough time to buy new dress for this event :(... So I decided to choose one of the dresses that I have already... Girls please help me I need your wise opinions.. Ohh and sorry for my non make up face and messy hair!

Number 1: Silk, brown, beige, and blue with big flowers and brown shoes..

Close look :)

Second One: Black dress with some metal details and black shoes...

Lol I look soo weird from back especially my legs they look like football (soccer) players' legs.. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to offend anyone but why are they look like that I don't play football!!! :DClose look and here are the metal things..

Which one would you choose?? I know you will help me to choose it and thank you soooo much for that.. Love you all xxx :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Tulips on My Nails ;)

Wanna try something different? I just wanted to add some color to my nails and made this :) Enjoy.. xx

What do we need;
- 2 different color nail polish (make sure to choose 2 contrast colors)
- Needle/thoothpick
-Top coat nail polish

Make mini diagonal dots to ur nails and leave little space between each of them (don't make more than 3/4)

Add your second dots (don't make them bigger than first dots, like I did)

Grab ur needle, start from the top and drag your needle to the bottom of your last dot

Don't press too hard, just lightly drag ur needle
That's it :)
ok this one looks little weird but not that bad huh? (especially second one!? what's wrong with you number 2? :P)

:) Hope you like it and hope u will try...
P.s This decoration may look different each time you make and that's why I love this cuz you don't know what is going to look like.
If you try, please please let me know, leave a comment and add ur blog link, I would like to see what will come up!
Take care :) xxx

Pinkfish Pie's Giveaway :)

Hey lovelies, I want to mention another lovely giveaway :) Jiran's Sleek-i-Divine palette and more!! She also makes pretty cute jewellery, so you might want to check her blog and join her giveaway; Pinkfish Pie! :) take care xxxx

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lovepink's Giveaway+MAC Sale

Girls, I just found another pretty girl and her blogsale+giveaway!!!! Yaayy!! Even though I never win such things, no harm to enter huh?
So go and check Lovepink and enter her giveaway + u might want to buy something from her blog sale cuz she has gorgeous things :)...
Have a great day lovelies xxx

Saturday, June 6, 2009

We Went to Hairdresser!

Me and my friends went to hairdresser yesterday, I wanted to go for a very long time cuz my hair was out of control since I came to Turkey and 2 of my friends wanted to have perm.. .Here we are having make over, I wanted to do BEFORE and AFTER thing but unfortunatly I forgot to
take my and one of my friend's "BEFORE" pictures.. Yeaa how clever is that? :)
First of all 2 of my friends, while they're having perm...
P.S. This post may include exaggeration!


Let's call her number 1

She was sad and miserable...

Umm maybe not exactly..
Personally it looks O.K she just cut her hair that short and that's why it doesn't look perfect but it's not that bad.. Huh??
Number 2
She was not having fun from her life.... (?!?)
This is a process of having perm..
Pain and unhappiness..
Thats me and number 2..
We are not having fun at all...
and AFTER...
Happy and pretty...

Me,(just AFTER) I got my hair cut :)

and This is number 4 she just sit there with us and hadnothing to her hair..

So what do u think? Any opinion? :)