Monday, June 15, 2009

Tulips on My Nails ;)

Wanna try something different? I just wanted to add some color to my nails and made this :) Enjoy.. xx

What do we need;
- 2 different color nail polish (make sure to choose 2 contrast colors)
- Needle/thoothpick
-Top coat nail polish

Make mini diagonal dots to ur nails and leave little space between each of them (don't make more than 3/4)

Add your second dots (don't make them bigger than first dots, like I did)

Grab ur needle, start from the top and drag your needle to the bottom of your last dot

Don't press too hard, just lightly drag ur needle
That's it :)
ok this one looks little weird but not that bad huh? (especially second one!? what's wrong with you number 2? :P)

:) Hope you like it and hope u will try...
P.s This decoration may look different each time you make and that's why I love this cuz you don't know what is going to look like.
If you try, please please let me know, leave a comment and add ur blog link, I would like to see what will come up!
Take care :) xxx


Karen said...

this is such a amazing idea; im going to try it on my little sister shes going to LUV IT

Chomsiri said...

omg that is suck a cute design! thanks for teaching us how to do it!

Victoria said...

This looks great! A really simple and cute idea.xx

Rin said...

That's very creative of you, and looks cute! I'm a new follower!!

Tiffany said...

adorable idea! it looks so cute on you. I may have to try it but I'm not so good at painting my nails so not sure if I could do it.

Dila said...

@Karen, I'm sure ur little sister gonna love it and I will check whenever u do :)

@Comsiri, I'm glad that you like it hun.

@Victoria, thank u :) xx

@Rin, :) ohh thank you so much and welcome to my blog.

@Tifanny, lol it may be little difficult at the beggining but is becomes really easy u should def try :)

ALEXANDRA P. said...

cuuute idea!