Saturday, June 6, 2009

We Went to Hairdresser!

Me and my friends went to hairdresser yesterday, I wanted to go for a very long time cuz my hair was out of control since I came to Turkey and 2 of my friends wanted to have perm.. .Here we are having make over, I wanted to do BEFORE and AFTER thing but unfortunatly I forgot to
take my and one of my friend's "BEFORE" pictures.. Yeaa how clever is that? :)
First of all 2 of my friends, while they're having perm...
P.S. This post may include exaggeration!


Let's call her number 1

She was sad and miserable...

Umm maybe not exactly..
Personally it looks O.K she just cut her hair that short and that's why it doesn't look perfect but it's not that bad.. Huh??
Number 2
She was not having fun from her life.... (?!?)
This is a process of having perm..
Pain and unhappiness..
Thats me and number 2..
We are not having fun at all...
and AFTER...
Happy and pretty...

Me,(just AFTER) I got my hair cut :)

and This is number 4 she just sit there with us and hadnothing to her hair..

So what do u think? Any opinion? :)


Karen said...

i think you girls look gorgeous =]
it looks like a very long process; but in the end results are worth it

Dila said...

:) thank u hun and yea it was long we were there for like 3 hours cuz we wait eachother :)

Fifi said...

you girls look fantastic
makes me wanna go get some perm! hehe

Sarah said...

This post may include some exageration :P You are too cute!!!
You all look gorgeous!! I have always wanted a perm but I'm too scared!!

Jian said...

Haha~ I love how you and your friends go to the hairdresser together! It's sooo cute!

Everyone looks BEAUTIFUL!