Thursday, June 25, 2009

I missed Whitz Contest :(

I missed Ms.Whit's contest I really wanted to enter but obviously it was my fault cuz I waited until last day I tought it's going to end on 30th but NO it was on 25th... I missed it for like 3 hours even thought I upload the photos on my computer I did not post on my blog :( anyways... There are 20 lovely entries and you might want help her to choose and vote for your favorite.. Go to her site HERE..

I don't upload the pictures just because I missed it..

Take care.. and schedule everything..xx


Fifi said...

awww I'm sorry. Maybe you could contact her personally? =(

ahh I'm a procrastinator myself. I hardly plan ahead.

Don't worry about it. there's always next contest, right?

Dila said...

Thanks hun but I think that's ok I don't want to ruin her plans just because of my fault :) and u re right there's always next one. xx :)