Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Award for me, Award for you :)

Yaaayy I had my first blog award :) :) I'm so happy Suka & Spice honored me with this lovely award <3.. You should absolutely check her blog cuz she is one of the nicest person also she is so beautiful..

This award is gonna help you to think positive sides of your day which was so meaningful for me cuz this is not the thing that I do often... So you should write down 6 things that made you really happy today.

I had really long day today cuz I had so many things to do and it was so HOTTTT today!!!

1- I found a death small fly/bug on my carpet. I did not even bother to kill him he killed himself I just throw it away.
2-There was no traffic when we were going to our destination which was kinda impossible thing in Istanbul.
3- I ate great, healthy, delicious meal :) which always a good reason to make me happy!
4-I talked with my advisor and I am eligible to get scholarship I don't know what is gonna happen it is not for sure but there is a chance!!!
5- I met with my bf..
6-After really tiring and hot day we turned back with ferry :).. Maybe you can understand my feelings when you look at THIS and THIS photos... ( from google)

And this award goes to....



Chomsiri said...

thank you for the award!

Fifi said...

Thank you for the award && for your sweet comment on my contest entry post. :)

fantastic said...

aww, hope you're having a fabulous time! congrats on the's great that you at least have a chance!

Iva said...

congratulations!! that is SO great!!! you totally deserve it! :)

Meya said...

thank you sweetie

Dila said...

@fantastic thank u hun :) I hope I can get my scholarsip xx