Monday, June 29, 2009

Snog, Marry Avoid? Contest Entry

Please be Prepared, this Post May Cause Nightmares!
this post it is OK to disgust me, or hate me but remember this I'm in a character. Poses! MAKE-UP! Hair! Even the comments that I will write is going to be fake shortly everything u will see has nothing in common with real me! This is Natalia's contest entry. There is a show in the U.K that Called Snog, Marry, Avoid? that is the concept, you should look as bad as possible with wearing lot of make-up! I watched them on Youtube hilarious show so much fun to watch you should def take a look :)

And here is my entry!

YEss, I just don't know what to say. After I finished doing it I feel like one of those girls that I saw in the streets..

Perfect color difference! I love my tan :P

Perfect matching accessories!

I think this is the "best" picture..
This is also my facebook profile picture :P lol

I think I look beautiful this is my everyday look.. (lol just kiddin)

Ohh and blue eyeshadow is my favorite I love wearing all over my lid with thick liner.

what I use;
-Bare minerals, warmth
-Mac, Tippy Blush


-Icing Pallete
-Lizzie Eyeshadow
-Pastel Eyeshadow #39
-Pupa Eye Pencil #02
-Black Liquid Eye Liner
-YSL Everlong Mascara (black)

-Brandless Lip Liner

Part 2

In the show there is second part that girls remove their make-up so that's why I wanted to do it too.. Sorry for the ugly, dirty thing I had to show..

I think this is a perfect idea for a contest.. What do u think? You don't need perfect make-up skills and look perfect and compete with other beautiful girls cuz the point is to look weird and fake as possible.. I had so much fun while I'm doing this and this was weird cuz I Never Never put this much make up, so this contest give me a chance to try it.. It was fun thank you Natalia


Narita said...

Awesome job! hahaha... So funny.."my facebook profile picture" hahaha

bubblegarm said...

lol great entry :) good luck! x

Dila said...

@Narita, @bubblegarm Lol thank u girls.. it feels really weird to see myself like that :D

Natalia said...

hahahaha great entry!!! thanks sooo much... u look so pretty after ur deep cleanse- a definite natural beauty! xxx

Tali said...

So so funny.. you look beautiful with no make up by the way!!

Anonymous said...

Between us speaking, I would arrive differently.