Saturday, July 4, 2009

Favorite Nail Products

Here are my favorite nail polishes for now and all time favorite nail products...

Golden Rose, Paris; #30
Milani; Cool Vibe
Color Club; Lazer Pink

-Nourishing Oil with Vitamine, really moisturise ur nails and cuticles.. I think you do not need to buy one, you can make better one.
-Sally Hansen, Age Correct Growth Treatment
- Sally Hansen, Mega Shine
- Nail Polish Remover (Turkish brand)
-Sally Hansen, French Menicure Pen

Let's start with this simple but one of the most useful products... While you are applying ur nail polish, did u ever ruin only 1 of ur nail?? Before this product I was using cotton and nail remover as usual but it is kind of impossible to clean only one nail and I was always ending up with ruining more than 1 nails..

Insert finger into sponge and twist.

Do you have similar product in your country?? I've never saw this in USA

Sally Hansen, Mega Shine
Extended Wear Top Coat
- It helps nails polish to dry quickly.
- Makes it shiny
-Keep ur manicure fresh and let ur nail polish last longer!

On the other hand, I recommended this to my friend but she doesn't like it she said it makes her nail polish peel off!
So I don't know, I really love this but result may be change from person to person...

It's hard to tell the difference from these pictures but I just wanted to show u..
First picture without top coat..

I just applied to my middle finger :) can u tell the difference??

By the way this is the real color of my nail polish it is not red (Milani-Cool Vibe) again Mega Shine on my middle finger..
Well it is hard to tell from the picture

Sally Hansen, Age Correct Growth Treatment
This one is great base coat,
-If your nails chip quickly
-and this works like magic, it really helps ur nails to grow quickly!!

As u can see it has little color

Sally Hansen, French Manicure Pen , Pure White- Traditional Tip

Hele also made a review of similar product,
so I tottally agreed with her.
This one is my third purchase and it is so easy to use..
Sometimes, it does not make it white in first apply so you need to reapply maybe more than 1 or 2 times and this is the only negative side of it...

If you have any recommendation please let me know I would love to try better products that u get results..


bubblegarm said...

her turkiyeye gittigim de golden rose ojesi tonla alirdim :)

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

gorgeous colours!!

fantastic said...

I really like that milani color! In the States, we have a similar nail polish remover by Cutex (and probably other brands), but I like the packaging of yours--it's so chunky and colorful!

My faveee top coat is Seche Vite, and you can apply it while your nails are still wet. It doesn't bleed onto the brush, and it dries super shiny--but again, some ppl may not like it that shiny?

Dila said...

@Bubblegarm :) cok ucuzlar ve cok genis renk secenegi var bende o yuzden cok seviyorum :)

@Tina, thank u

@fantastic, I also LOVE "Cherry Pie" by milani did u try that? I never saw Cutex I'll def look for that when I come back to States..

Also I will def gonna but Seche Vite, cuz I love when top coat dries super fast and makes it shiny.. Thank u :)

LiLu said...

I love the Sally Hansen mega shine! I totally think it makes a difference. :-)

Viva La Fashion said...

i don't think that we have anything like this in the us. (correct me if im wrong) but its seems like such a good idea.