Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Honest Scraps Tag

Yayy thank u Suka & Spice for tagging me I saw many bloggers did this I really liked the concept.. All you need to do is write 10 things that are honest and true about you!

1- In 2007 I went to San Diego, for 3 months than I fell in love with it.. San Diego was the most beautiful, and peacefull city that I've ever been and I can live there forever...Beautiful city, beautiful people, everything is like a dream except public transportation :)..

2- I collect Google images :D such as;
(lol I know I'm weird)

3- I danced ballet for more than 10 years professionally but last years I started to hate it than within 2 months I decided to quit. Now, I haven't been dancing for 4 years and I'm soo happy not even missing a thing...

4-I deathly scare of insects, butterflies!!! (yes butterflies) and dentist.. I can't even explain my fear, it is something more than phobia!!..

5- I really don't like the smell of lavanter...

6- I'm so truthful, that's why I can't stand fake behaviors.. My honesty can be hurfull for some people who doesn't like reality, (I would tell if ur hair looks weird or if you look gorgeous I won't be jelous I always share my thoughts ) but don't get me wrong I'm not mean just realist and I won't lie if somethng doesn' look normal :).. and I want my friends to be like me,( dont lie just tell me if my hair, outfit, make-up, etc... looks absurd) :)

7- I would always laught if someone would fell in front of me...

8- Little things, or details are really important..

9- I love anything that cause adrenaline such as rollercosters :) I feel like child but they make me really happy :) (six flags <3)..

10-I' ve never tried or used liquid foundation :)...

Pls forgive my English mistakes :) as u know english is my second language..

Now, I want to tag Muhsine aka bubblegarm :) cuz she is so nice and I would love to learn more about her..


bubblegarm said...

thank u, i just did this tag! Herzaman durust olman cok onemli, bende hemen ne dusunuyorsam soylerim :) xx

fantastic said...

i love that you collect those google images! every holiday (or rather whenever they change them), i look forward to what sort of graphic they're going to use. great post! xx