Monday, July 13, 2009

Packet from U.K :)

Yaaay I was waiting this packet for weeks.. One of my uncles, is photographer (Check out his site here) and he lives in London.. Since I cannot buy specific make-up products from Turkey or America I told him to buy me some :)...

Aww here is the packet!!!!
he is sooo nice he didn't even let me pay and he said that I can tell him whenever I need more..

Excitement :D...

OMG!!! He bought the ones that I want plus he bought back ups of everything(except MAC eye shadows)

I didn't choose Mac eyeshadows...
He said, girl in the Mac store choose the colors..
They are not that bad huh? I'm glad that she was not tasteless!

Left to right,
-Amber Lights
- Coppering

Top to bottom,
-Amber Lights

Top to bottom,
-Shroom (which I allready have)

Top to bottom,
-Gosh, Darling
-Barry M, 147
-Barry M, 101

Barry M Nail Paint,
Baby Pink

I feel so lucky :)..

Take care u all xxx


Tali said...

Great haul! HE sounds so cool to do that!
The girl at mac chose some great colors for you.. i think your gonna have fun!

fantastic said...

you ARE lucky! what a wonderful uncle you have :) i think if i had asked, most of mine would have sent a gift card and called it a day..hahaha! have fun playing with all of your new things :)

Chrissy said...

Wow, you have such a nice uncle. You're so lucky!

I'm glad you got a good haul, and that the girl at the MAC counter was not tasteless. Haha.

CC said...

Love the nail polishes! :)