Sunday, August 2, 2009

I'm Back with 2 Tags

Hi everyone, hi to my new followers :).. How's ur summer goin? My trip was ok I was with my mum, aunt and her dauther. As u can guess it was just a relaxing break for me (I might repeat this with my friends again)
Anyway, when I was not around one of my favorite blogger, I love her posts (seriously she is so nice u should definitely take a look at her blog and comment she always reply back and being so nice) Fantastic <3>


Accessorize bag that I bought from %50 sale

It looks shiny here but it's not

just a dark brown matt color, and has no speciality just a cheap bag :)

(I throw so many unnecassary things inside so it's so much lighter now :D)

- My bright pink(once upon a time it was bright) wallet again from accessorize,
- Water
-Wet & dry nepkin (is there another words to say that?)
-Johnson's Softlotion moisturizer
- Mother's and Father's house keys
-Pain killers
-Ipod and phone
-Neutrogena concealer
-Stila, Sarah lipstick
-Estee Lauder, Crystal Baby
-Mac Cremesheen, Creme Cup
-CoBigelow Medicated Lip Remedy


fantastic said...

yay! you're back, and you did the tag ;) i like those napkins--i was just looking for a new pack the other day. thanks for reminding me! glad to see you back :)

Dila said...

thank u hun..
sorry for late post but I didn't forget it ;)
and those napkins are soo old I don't even remmember when I bought it! but the packeting is soo cute :)

TAZE NANE said...

Wonderful. Followed here. Translation with me what you read.



Dila said...

thanks a lot :)

Elphaba said...

u are beautiful! I follow u now!

luna28 said...

hey :)
i really, really like your blog...
think i'll come back very soon
greetings from germany :)luna

ps: i love your bag...hmm..

ALEXANDRA P. said...

what a fun post! i think i may have to steal your idea! ;)

* ஐ * : ) STİL DİREKTÖRÜ ( : * ஐ * said...

ı like this bag babe! and inside of course

Rachel said...

I've nominated you for an award on my blog! x