Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Little Update

Hi everyone :)
I haven't updated my blog for a while just because I had no idea what to post about so SORRY for that I bet you didn't even realize my apsence :).. I have only 20 more days to spend in Istanbul then I'll be back to Long Island/Ny :( which makes me sad.. Plus all of my good friends transferred to another university?!?! What a luck huh??
Anyway, you all know sweet Tali, she tagged me. Now I have something to post, and it is one of those fun tags yaay :)

The rules.. 1. Open your first photo folder. 2. Scroll to the 10th photo. 3. Post the photo on your blog and tell us the story behind it. 4. Tag people to do the same!

Well as u can guess from this pic I didn't cheat!
Date: 29. August. 08
Where:Long Island, John's Beach.
That day was my third day in Long Island EVERYTHING was new (hard but nice days)... That day, I met some people that become one of my good friends and some people that turn out not nice at all.. I don't like this picture because I was fatter compare to now! who likes to see themselves fat :) Also I'm in the middle of smiling and not smiling :D yea weird one I don't like it at all :)..

And noww I tag;


Jaimie said...

thats a beautiful picture :)

Tali said...

I love Istabnbul my brother and his wife life there so i can see why you dont want to leave!!!!

Dila said...

Thank u Jamie :)

Tali, Really! so u know what excatly feel about leaving here :) how am I gonna leave these foods and eat fast food everyday :S

bubblegarm said...

oo tadini cikar valla, keske bende istanbulda olsam simdi :) xx

beautifulnemo said...

Dila you are so pretty, really! :) and the pic is wonderful, with that light:)
Enjoy Istanbul!!! :**
xx from madrid:)

beautifulnemo said...

ps. oh I forgot... thanks so much for tagging me:)))

Dila said...

bubblegarm, :) valla son haftalarım sonuna kadar eglenmeye calısıyorum.. sende gell :) xx

beautifulnemo, aww thank u hun :) I'm looking forward to see urs xx

fantastic said...

thank you!! i will do this on mine as well ;) i like this picture!
since you are in school in long island, do you also stay in long island?

Dila said...

I really can't wait to see urs, I love this tag so much fun :)..
yes I stay on long island as well cuz I stay in school's dorm..

tiff said...

That's a beautiful photo...you have gorgeous hair.

My jeans are Paris Blues; I found them a few weeks ago for only $15 so I had to buy them. I edited my post to list the brands of everything I'm wearing :).

Sarah said...

Aww you didn't have to cheat, you look absolutley STUNNING!!!!!!