Sunday, October 25, 2009

8 Ways To be a Smarter (chicer!) Shopper... No 1...

Ok this article you will read right now was in Glamour Magazine in October 2009.  I wanted to share with you guys cuz I think somewhat it helped me so it might help you too  and I decided to do it like series because if I write them all right now it's going to be too long and probbably just few people going to read  and I really want this article to help you.. So let's start with first one! 

(I lovee Gwen)

No. 1
I will know what I own (down to my socks)

 Group everything you own by type; dresses, sweather, pants, shoes, etc. Get rid of all the "toos": too big, too small, too outdated. Now for the self discovery! Out of what you're keeping, which items suffuse you with confidence; which shapes are nice to yours; which labels fits best? And are there themes in your rejects? Multiples of a color or style you don't wear? Memorize these for when you go shopping again. OK, congrats on being the proud owner of what really works for you!


(but as a beauty bloggers we are all doing that right :) )

(I know you're allready doing this but..)
Give to Goodwill, organize a big style swap with friends
or list items on free an online giveaway site.
(which I've never used these kinds of sites I just give to people who need)

To be continued...

Do you know what do you own? down to your socks? Do you organize your clotes often? Also what do you do with the clothes that you don't wear anymore?


beautifulnemo said...

thanks for sharing! this seems interesting:)
I already did that but not written just in my mind so I think it would be a good idea to write it down!
Oh and I used to give my clothes to charity but now I give them to the woman that looks after my grandma (she lives with her 'cause my grandma has alzheimer). sometimes she can use them, if they don't fit her she gives them to some friend or someone in her family... she's from South America and it's useful for her:)


Dila said...

Well I've never written down too :D at least I know what I own it's something right? :)
ohh I think that's so sweet when you give someone they need..I always give to my parents and they generally know someone who need it and it feels good too :)

Sarah said...

Wow great post!! I just had a big clothes clean-out, took lots of stuff to thrift stores coz I know I'd never wear them!!
P.s. I tagged you on my blog :)

LOVEpink said...

great tips!! when you sort it all out u definitely see how much u really do have! lol

thnx for the comment...the clarisonic is soo expensive, but if u get a chance, its definitely worth every penny :)


Tali said...

Great idea for a post. I tend to keep clothes for tooooo long before giving them to second hand stores so someone else can enjoy them! xxx