Saturday, October 17, 2009

Finally!! Here again!

Wow it's been really long time well sorry friends but I've been really really busy since I came to the States.I hate when people stop blogging and just update their blogs 5 times a year I don't wanna be one of them... Some of my followers stoped following me some people just started to follow, HELLO to new followers and bye to others...I was really a bad bad blogger cuz I didn't even read blogs that I'm following I was just looking the pictures and that's why I was not commenting either! My classes got harder this semester so I'm generally studying, lonely in my room :(... But I've better things compare to last semester! My rommate is nice, she is not bitchy at all like my ex-rommate and we only have 1 year age difference so she is not as young as my old rommate who thinks she knows everything in the life!! Anyway :D even thinking about her makes me angry now! Well I can update you about my life later but now I want to show you some things,

Well it's been 1 month and I bought some stuff. So let me show you them :)

(Top one) Jessica Simpson Boots $69 + tax


Guess $39 + tax
Plain black platforms that I can use with everythin
What do you think? If you live in USA you can find them in Marshalls.

Here are some little things,
 -Seche Vite Top Coat.. :) Thank you Fantastic . Do your remmember when you recommend this well I didn't forger and love it!

- Sally Hansen, Hard as Wraps. Well my nails are so weak they always chip so I wanted to try this.. I just bought it so I still don't know is it gonna work or not..

- Montagne Jeunesse,Face Masks, never tried it's gonna be my first time.. Did you tried them? How are they?

-John Frieda, Frizz-Ease... Still I've no opinion yet..


Well I really like this jean look at these details (pockets)

In right pocket they have women and left have men :)
Ohh and the brand is BLANK! It was like 75 dolars (I guess)

Moving on make up, well suprisingly I didn't spend that much money to make up! Yaay

Revlon Colorstay- Golden Bronze
I can't say that I'm in love with this. Well I like the color it doesn't look  too shiny when you put on.
Howeverrrrr, packeting is so hard to work with you can't get the product and.. Also I would not describe this as a bronzer it's more like MAc's mineralize finishes.

Victoria Secret- Beauty Rush- Glossy Shinesticks
Left; Citrus Sorbet, Mango Tango

Mango Tango,
Light pink color, shiny and smells good :)
Both colors are so light and moistrizing.

Citrus Sorbet,
Kind of nude color.
You can use both of them when you don't feel like wearing lipstick and looking for something lighter..

So that's all for now! I will try to update my blog more often. So what have you been?


Serena said...

omg guess pumps so cheap over there !
it must be around 100 bucks in indonesia !grrr
ohh i love that VS gloss stick !
yah im looking forward for ur updates,doent post ike 5 times a year @haha

Sarah said...

ohhh yay glad you're back, i've missed your posts :)
so many lovely goodies- those shoes are to die for! I love Guess shoes!!!
Hope your well and welcome back :)

Dila said...

@Serena, I know they are so cheap here and they are not cheap at all in Turkey too :).. and yep I will post more often :)

@SArah, ohh thank you hun :) and I'm doing good hope you re great too.. I need to read your posts too I missed them all :(

Tali said...

Ok so.. now i need to buy the victoria's secret glosses, the jeans, the JS AMAZING TASTE!! love it all xxxx

Dila said...

Tali, ohhh thank youu :) glad you like them...

ஐ : ) STİL DİREKTÖRÜ ( : ஐ said...

Süpersin şeker bayıldım tarzına papişlere skinny olayı da yırtık pırtık çok seksisin valla

fantastic said...

i've never seen those glosses--i think i need to know, shop :)

the jeans are fantastic! and the Jessica Simpson boots--I have a pair by her that are similar, but they have zippers on the sides. I can wear them all night long--are these just as comfortable? I think I need to get to Marshalls too!

Glad you love the Seche Vite...I just picked up another bottle. It does get goopy after a few months, but I go through it too quickly to notice anymore. Glad you're back! xx

Dila said...

@stil direktoru; tesekkur ederimm :) xx..

Fantastic, thank hun I'm glad that I'm back too:D well about the vs they are like balm but not feeling heavy like balm you should take a look :)

I didn't wear the boots yet but it's ok I can't be sure about wearing all night long but they are fine I guess.. anyway I like them a lot:) they had that brownish, camel color too!

and SEche vite works great but yea it has that problem it's becoming tickher and tickher everytime but it's ok :D

Meya said...

loving the shoes

ஐ : ) STİL DİREKTÖRÜ ( : ஐ said...

Şekerim geldim gittim aynı yazı yaz da okuyalım bebek mucx

beautifulnemo said...

hi!!!! I've missed your posts too!!! So welcome back! I'm really glad you are back and you don't want to be one of those who update 5 times a year lol, I love you think that:)

love the shoes and that you are ok now too.