Saturday, October 31, 2009

1-word Tag

I know I'm generrally so bad with tags I forget to do it or I'm doing so late... But it doesn't mean I don't care about you I'm just too lazy and I'm sorry for that :)..
Anyway I didn't wanted to do this tag too late cuz Fantastic tagged me and I love her :).. Also it is a fun tag like the one before (color tag)! OK this one is one word-tag game..So we are going to answer these questions with one word, here we go!

Where's your cell phone:On desk
Your hair:Bun
Your mother: Precious
Your father: Everything

Favorite Food: Mantı (turkish food)

Dream last night: Nothing
Favorite drink: Water
What room are you in: Dorm room (one and only room that I have)

Hobby: Dance
Fear: Bugs
Where were you last night: Room
Something that you aren't: Cocky
Muffins: Blueberry
Wish list item: Bag
Where did you grow up: Turkey
What are you wearing: PJ
Your pets: non
Friends: Few

Something you're not wearing: Tiara
Favorite store: Lester's
Favorite color: White
Last time you laughed: 2days ago

Your best friend: Honest
Bestest Place you go to over and over: Restaurant
Person who emails you regularly: Victoria Secret

Favorite place to eat: Home

and now I'm tagging,
Rachel (when she come back from Paris)


Sarah said...

Ohhh I love these tags- you did so well with one word :)
And thankyou sooooo much for the tag!!!!!!!!! xo

Dila said...

Looking forward to see urs xx

fantastic said...

bugs scare me too! that's why i said bedbugs--not that i have them, but i read about them and see them talked about on tv, then i end up having nightmares!

and i'm starting to think we all wear a bun while we update our blogs... xxox

Dila said...

I know that bugs that u re talking about and they are soo discussting ewww!!

Lol buns theory might be true we should research it :D.. Also when u answered "Favorite place to eat: Bed" I love it I laugh cuz I'm doing the same thing and I love it :D

Tali said...

OH MY favourite food is manti! Im not joking..its like what i live for lol
Love the list hon! xox