Monday, May 4, 2009

Last Haul from NY - 2 -

I went to an Outlet (Tanger) this weekend and I spend 10 hours there.. I'm not kidding!! It did worth it tho :)

(I took this picture after I reached my room, which is approximately after 10 hours walking around.. That's why my feet look swollen and weird haha sorry for that)

Nine West shoes for $31 :)

These are Steve Madden and they were $25 each :D so I grab two yaay

(this is from T.j. Maxx)

Charlotte Russo, neckleces and nail polish
(same price as normal store)

From CCO,

MAC Spaced Out blush and Soft Ochre paintpot (love)


Chrissy said...

Looks had you had a reallll fun day shopping! 10 hours? Gosh! Hehe.

Dila said...

:D haha omg i was dying when I back to my room!! lol but yea it was fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Spaced Out looks so cool! Oh and all the shoes are so cute.

Dila said...

ohh thanks + they were so cheap ;)