Saturday, May 9, 2009


Sorry guys, guess I will not be around for a while cuz I dropped my computer (really really badly) and it is not working! So sorry for that i hope you re all doing well.. Have a nice day, and week.. xx :)


Carla said...

hello! i'm a girl from barcelona and i was looking for some photos of hairs perms and your photo appears suddenly. photos from the post by Saturday, April 4, 2009... i want to make me a permanent as beautiful as yours... that's incredible!!!!!! is a normal perm? or you used different ways as the traditional...? it was maked by a hair shop?? please answer me bacause i'm in love with your perm!!!!!!! very very thanks. my email is i'll be waiting!!! thank you again, that's very important for me. sorry by my english... :)

Dila said...

:) Glad that u like it.. I'll send you an e-mail with full of information.. xx